Seersite Contributor Guidelines

Last updated: December 28, 2020

Welcome to Seersite

Welcome to Seersite and congratulations on becoming a Seersite Contributor!  You are now part of a select group that can access an audience of business leaders and investment professionals. Contributors on our platform are selected based on their ability to add company and market analysis for the benefit of the community. All Contributors on Seersite post with their real name or on behalf of their company.

Your objective as a Seersite contributor 

We know you are looking for more clients, more revenue, more visibility, and an opportunity to grow your business. Well, the objectives of Seersite are aligned with yours!

Your objective as a Seersite Contributor is to get as much attention to your posted content as possible.   That leads directly to increased visibility, branding, client attention, and lead generation.

Creating posts

You were selected as a Contributor based on your (or your company’s) unique ability to provide information and insight on companies and markets that are of interest to our users.

A post on Seersite is a short summary of news, data, research, insights, trends, opinions, or other similar content. Sometimes you will post something that comes from a third party source, and sometimes you will post something that is based on your own original IP. 

If the post is based on third party IP, then our users expect you to explain why it is important. For example, posting a news story link is often not adequate. Posting a news story link with an explanation of how you think that new development will impact the fortunes of a company or industry would be a valuable addition to the Seersite community.

If you post original IP from your own research or data, that generally already carries some level of value so there is no need for you to “analyze your analysis.”

What you get

Your great content will get noticed! The more value you provide, the more people will “follow” you and read your next posting.  

Our user community is made up of corporate professionals, management consultants, financial professionals, portfolio managers, research analysts, investment bankers, private market investors, and many others. They are looking for new insights, research, data, and smart people who can help them with their jobs. And many of them now rely on Seersite as a valuable source.

Posting on Seersite contributes to your reputation as an authority in your field and helps you gain exposure and access to new people and industry contacts. You may find new clients, increase engagements with existing clients, and even get invited to paid projects.

Posting guidelines

Write what you know.  You have spent years in a particular industry and you know what’s important to investors and decision makers in that industry. Write posts consisting of analysis, interpretations, opinions, predictions, or summaries of what you think is relevant to professionals in your industry.  

  1. You will always be posting under your real name or your company’s name. there are no anonymous posts on Seersite.
  2. Content should not be formatted as riddles or contain teasers alluding to your opinion.  
  3. Every post, and every reply to a post, must have at least one substantive point.
  4. A reply to a post should be a complete post with its own substance.  

Content ideas

  1. Did a company just announce something new? Detail how a company’s activity impacts other firms or how other companies could be impacted by the announcement.
  2. Describe what influences a sector. For example, is there a new trend that is causing some market adoption to accelerate? 
  1. Synthesize a single narrative from several different  sources that support an argument.
  2. Describe what is key, unusual or overlooked in announcements, company quarterly results, and other publicly available reporting. 

Tips on posting content

  1. Be concise and aim to explain the point first and back it up with analysis and facts.  Explain your argument in four or five short sentences.  
  2. Keep it simple since what is complex to you will be incomprehensible to many others.
  3. Don’t explain data if possible. Better to show it in a table, chart or graph.
  4. Don’t use three words if one will do.
  5. Cite 3rd-party data.
  6. Reread your post out loud before publishing to confirm it reads the way you intend.
  7. Be sure to follow our Contributor Agreement, Terms of Service, and any compliance guidelines to which you are subject.
  8. Image format: use only .jpg and .png files.
  9. When posting in response to another Contributor’s content, critique the opinion, not the person.

The following is prohibited on Seersite:

  1. Inappropriate, hateful or offensive content.   
  2. Politics, religion, or sports commentary that is not related to relevant content.
  3. No spam, such as:
    1. “Easy Money” promotions.
    2. Pharmaceutical supplements.
    3. Promotions of retail products  e.g. beverages, clothing, etc.
    4. Investment opportunities or schemes.
  4. Fake or misleading information.
  5. Sexually explicit content or products.
  6. Jokes that are not related to some relevant content.
  7. Plagiarism.


Please note that Seersite will remove posts that don’t adhere to our guidelines.

Have more questions?

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]