Seersite makes accessing expert knowledge
easier and more efficient


The core of any expert network is, of course, the one-on-one call. While calls are straightforward, we’ve found that we can greatly increase the value clients receive by improving the pre-call process.

As a first step, registered users of Seersite can reach out to experts on the platform and ask questions. Further, our team takes a hands-on approach and will give clients honest assessments of an expert’s suitability.

We do everything in our power to ensure you have the highest value call possible since that also creates a better transcript for our library.

Access to our annotated library

While many expert networks now offer access to transcript libraries, Seersite has also built a database of edited and annotated research and commentary provided by our experts.

This greatly expands what information is available to clients and also allows you to see what and how different experts think.

Our library gives you the opportunity to see multiple viewpoints, not just the perspective of one expert from one call.

Interact with experts on the platform

At Seersite, transparency between experts and clients is core to our mission.

Not only does the platform allow for interactions between clients and experts, but we actively encourage it and work to foster communication.

We believe the days of blind networks are over and greater interaction leads directly to better outcomes.


Creative approach

We try to find the best solution in any specific case



It is very important to satisfy our clients and meet their needs



We provide a coherent plan with business steps for each client



We always can correct the plan and add needed changes


Affordable prices

Our services are affordable for a wide range of people


Support 24/7

We provide a high-quality support for each client 24/7