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Seersite brings a new level of transparency to expert networks which helps you find both the right information and the expert you need

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    Learn about your expert before you start an engagement

    Unlike other expert networks which provide limited insight into the actual expertise and relevance of their experts, the Seersite platform highlights our experts knowledge so you - the client - can find the right expert and see what they really know before spending time and money talking to them.

    Seersite experts are encouraged to submit research and commentary which helps you learn more about them. The end result is an easily searchable database of relevant expert content that highlights their expertise and how they think, providing you with insight far beyond any bio or resume.

    No more going in blind to talk to an expert who doesn’t have the knowledge you need.



    Seersite provides greater transparency and clarity between clients and experts to better serve your needs.


    Seersite is built for experts who want to take an active role in displaying their knowledge to potential clients.