Profit From Your

Share your company and market analysis.
Get recognized and get rewarded.


Profit From Your Perspectives

Share your company and market analysis. Get recognized and get rewarded.

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Get Noticed & Build Your Brand

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Post your company and industry insights. What is happening in the markets that you follow?

Discover and learn from other experts in your field. They are also looking to discover you.

Build your online presence and brand. Get more engagement with your current clients while finding new clients.

Get paid by Seersite and qualify for consulting engagements with institutional investors and corporates.

The Professional Community for Shared Company and Market Analysis

There are apps to share photos with your friends and to share your resume with prospective employers. There are apps that give you a hundred perspectives on random news stories.

Now Seersite gives you an app to share your insights regarding the companies and markets that you already follow.

Our community consists of industry veterans, former executives, market analysts, financial analysts, and institutional investors. They offer their expertise and get rewarded. Those looking for expertise and analysis know where to find it - on Seersite.

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Three Steps To Success

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    Share Your Insights

    Post your insights on a company or industry development like a news story, event, or analysis.

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    Get Recognized

    Our community of senior business and investment decision makers is looking for you.

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    Get Rewarded

    Build your professional community, learn more about your industry, and get paid for your efforts.

We Want You In Our Beta

Seersite is currently in a closed beta. This means that you have to request access to sign up. Don't worry, it's free to join, but first we’ll need to learn a little bit about you.

We are currently accepting industry veterans, current and former executives, market analysts, financial analysts, institutional investors, and other domain experts.

If you have received an invitation code for the beta, you are already pre-approved and will not need to answer our screening questions.