Frequently asked questions

Customer compliance departments may restrict access to the database to comply with firm-specific compliance procedures

Seersite is an expert network and knowledge base for investors and decision makers. We provide a platform for clients and experts to openly communicate, share research, and engage in a compliant manner.

Seersite clients are decision makers and public market investors including portfolio managers, hedge funds, CFOs and CEOS.

In order to ensure our clients receive the most relevant and highest value expertise, Seersite’s team custom sources experts based on client’s specific needs. Experts sharing research and commentary on the platform are all pre-screened with the same rigorous standards applied to experts selected for one-on-one calls.

In a word, transparency. The Seersite platform is designed to highlight the knowledge of our experts and allows for pre-call communication between clients and experts. Seersite removes many of the “black box” elements present on other expert networks.

Recording calls and creating transcripts creates lasting value for all Seersite clients. In order to protect the original caller and give them an opportunity to leverage information gleaned from the call, calls and transcripts are only posted after a one week waiting period. All calls and transcripts are checked for compliance and scrubbed of personal identifying information.