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Seersite has partnered with Hypermind to bring you the most powerful forecasts powered by the Hypermind Supercollective.


The Hypermind prediction market consolidates the diverse opinions and insights of hundreds of champion forecasters into hard probabilities, using state-of-the-art collective intelligence algorithms. It is a play-money prediction game with no purchase necessary to participate, but with cash rewards distributed based on performance.

The market was created in 2014 by the founders of the pioneering online prediction market NewsFutures (2000-2010), following a long-running collaboration with the Good Judgment Project (2011-2015), winner of the ACE geopolitical forecasting tournament sponsored by the U.S. government’s Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA). Hypermind has since then contributed to other IARPA research programs, notably the Hybrid Forecasting Competition (2017-2020).

Scientific research on forecasting has concluded that it is a stable cognitive skill that depends less on what an individual knows (prior domain expertise) than on how he or she thinks (general intelligence, curiosity, quantitative ability and active open-mindedness). Hypermind traders are rewarded solely based on actual performance, so that good forecasters thrive, while poor ones quickly drop out. Hypermind traders are competitive, highly educated, cross-generational, professionally diverse, and embedded all-around the world.

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